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Welcome to C. W. Dillard Elementary, where all students are challenged to achieve and inspired to learn, each and every day! This is the mission of all Dillard staff members, and we are COMMITTED to making this happen for all of our children. As Dillard Pioneers, we value COMMUNITY, show TEAMWORK, are HARDWORKING, value STRENGTH IN PARENTS, and know that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. We do all of this with you as our partners, CONNECTED as a team.
Academically, all students engage in mastering their grade level Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Reading and writing are taught using our Reading Wonders curriculum, as well as through novels and short stories. Teachers also integrate English language arts skills with science and social studies. Math is taught using Go Math curriculum with an emphasis on reasoning skills and application to real world situations. We are excited about the discoveries students will make as they apply thinking skills to rich learning experiences.
In order to build a firm foundation of knowledge, skills, and work habits, it is essential for students to attend school regularly. Being here for all instruction, and building regular work habits day to day, readies them for the rigors of middle school, high school, and beyond. To highlight the importance of school attendance, Dillard students achieving perfect attendance each month, each trimester, and then for the entire year will be acknowledged through our All Day, Every Day attendance campaign. Please look for our bulletin board in the School Center!
Each day’s lessons are important, and learning starts the moment students enter the room. Unless your child is ill, please make certain that they arrive on campus no later than 8:40 a.m., ready to begin.
We are looking forward to a year of outstanding growth for each and every Dillard student!
Sandy Wiest, Principal